[kiːp] 1. (pt, pp - kept); vt
1) (retain) [+ receipt, money, job] 保留 [bǎoliú]

Make sure you always keep your receipts. — 记住留着收据。

2) (store) 保存 [bǎocún]

Keep your card in a safe place. — 把你的卡保存好。

The rubbish is kept in the basement. — 垃圾是放在地下室的。

3) (detain) 留 [liú]

They kept her in hospital overnight. — 他们留她在医院过夜。

4) (hold) 保持 [bǎochí]

Keep your back straight. — 别驼背。

Keep costs to a minimum. — 尽量减低费用。

5) (manage) [+ shop, guest house] 经营 [jīngyíng]

My aunt kept a sweetshop. — 我姨妈经营糖果店。

6) (look after) [+ chickens, bees etc] 饲养 [sìyǎng]
7) [+ accounts, diary] 记 [jì]

As a young girl I used to keep a diary. — 当我是小女孩时我常记日记。

8) (support) [+ family] 养 [yǎng]
2. vi
1) (stay) 保持 [bǎochí]

It's not always easy to keep warm. — 保暖并不总是那么容易的。

2) (last) [+ food] 保鲜 [bǎoxiān]

Homemade muesli keeps for ages. — 自己作的穆兹利可以保鲜很长时间。

Fish doesn't keep well, even in the fridge. — 就算把鱼放在冰箱里也不容易保鲜。

3. n
1) s (expenses) 生活费 [shēnghuófèi]

I need to give my parents money for my keep. — 我需要给父母我的生活费。

2) c [of castle] 要塞 [yàosài]

* to keep doing sth — (repeatedly) 总是做某事; (continuously) 不停做某事

* to keep sb happy — 让某人高兴

* to keep sb waiting — 让某人等着

* to keep the room tidy — 保持房间整洁

* to keep sth to o.s. — 保守秘密

* to keep an appointment — 守约

* to keep a promise — 履行诺言

* to keep one's word — 履行诺言

* can you keep a secret? — 你能保守秘密吗?

* to keep a record (of sth) — 记录(某事)

* to keep o.s. — 供养自己

* to keep (good) time — [+ clock] 准时

* what kept you? — 怎么会晚了?

* how are you keeping? — (inf) 你还好吗?

* to keep at it — (persevere) 坚持干

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